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Privacy Statement
Callidus recognises the importance of protecting your privacy.  Our privacy policy is designed to inform you about our use and safeguarding of this information.
  • Website - our website does not use cookies. Analytics are collected about usage on an anonymous basis.
  • Client feedback survey - by invitation, we collect feedback data from clients through an electronic survey. This is voluntary and we ask you whether any of the information can be used in marketing material or as testimonials
  • Marketing database - from time to time we like to keep our clients, contacts, partners and prospective clients up to date we the activity of the company. In order to do this, we ask that you opt-IN to our database. You can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Third parties - we do not share or divulge any of our data to third parties.
  • Security - our data is kept on a secure office server or on a web server, both of which are protected by passwords.
  • Confidentiality - we ensure that we absolutely adhere to the confidentiality requirements of our client on their projects.
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