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Bath Bus Map - Tube Map Style

Look familiar? In a small scale way, there are many similarities between the topology of London and that of Bath. The centre of the City alongside the river, the radial routes into the City Centre and the urban hinterland with lower order centres could be seen to mimic London. After all, the Romans had a hand in both cities.

Callidus has looked at how all the benefits of the simple to use London Underground map might be superimposed on a bus network for Bath. Everyone is familiar with the Underground Map, which makes it easy to navigate the city and make interchanges between public transport services. Key destinations need to be linked up but direct connections are often not possible so interchange between services is the norm for travellers in London. .

A bus network for Bath based around the London Underground Map concept 
The Tube Map for Bath envisages a different bus network than the one we have today. Important to the network is the free flow of buses – this would require that much of the car traffic would be removed from the city. However a well connected bus network, with reliable interchanges, would enable movements to be made throughout the city.

Essential to the network would be through ticketing arrangements, clear points of interchange, and key interchange points that resemble stations more than simply bus stops. Furthermore, not all bus services need to be centred on the Bath bus station. Additional interchanges points around the centre of the city could provide good waiting facilities and travel information. Similar facilities should also be available at the end of routes – the Park and Ride sites provide a good end anchor point for many of the routes.

Ease of use of the network is paramount. The Tube Map concept helps passengers to easily understand the network and to plan their journeys. .
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