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Residential project examples
Homelands Farm, Cheltenham
Callidus provided a full range of services from concept design, through planning submission and inquiry, to detailed design of the road and drainage infrastructure for this 900 unit site, including a district centre.  Flood risk was a particularly sensitive issue locally, following extensive flooding in the area four years earlier.
Bodiam Avenue, Gloucester
Callidus were appointed to resolve a refusal of a reserved matters planning permission for a 35 unit phase of a residential development.  The issue resolved around flooding of an adjacent river, and Callidus prepared and presented evidence to an Inquiry leading to a permission for the application.
Penhale, Cornwall
Callidus carried out flood risk and drainage design services for a planning application to redevelop a surplus army camp.  The site was surrounded by ecologically sensitive land (SSSI & SAC) and close working with other members of the team was essential.
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